Hot Wok Chinese & Japanese Cuisine

Dine in, Take out, Fast Food, Catering, Delivery
American-Chinese, Sichuan, Mandarin, Hunan, Cantonese, Mongolian Food
Mon: 10:45 AM ~ 09:30 PM
Tue: 10:45 AM ~ 09:30 PM
Wed: 10:45 AM ~ 09:30 PM
Thur: 10:45 AM ~ 09:30 PM
Fri: 10:45 AM ~ 09:30 PM
Sat: 10:45 AM ~ 09:30 PM
Sun: 11:30 AM ~ 09:30 PM

Mon.-Sat.: 11:00am-9:30pm
Sunday: 12:00noon-9:30pm

FREE Deep Fried Godzilla Roll or Crab Puff (Purchase over $20 or more)

Happy Hour Daily  all day all sushi roll 20% offThe price on the website is already the price after 20% discount)

--->Happy Hour<---

  • marki***** posted at 4/13/2024
    Been coming here for 9 years. Lately it’s just gone to hell! New owner or cooks, Egg foo young won 🥉 awards before! Now it’s a watery mess! Not firm and golden. Front door staff is rude and short! No one can remember who you are! NEW OWNERS FOR SURE! Food a poor reflection of the fantastic Chinese cuisine that they had before! Prices are different than on the “to go” menus! Higher now! But it was just changed in December! I’m done! 
  • eai**** posted at 12/27/2023
    Do you cook with MSG?  Thanks.
  • codel***** posted at 6/19/2023
  • bbra***** posted at 1/8/2023
    Just forget it man you guys got a website service fee now! you're getting as bad as APS!
  • mima***** posted at 10/18/2022
    Hair in our dinner!
  • aimeelovesthe************* posted at 9/15/2022
    I would like a refund please for 43.75 my food didn't taste right if not a will dispute this amount with my bank thank you a response is greatly appreciated thank you 
  • aimeelovesthe************* posted at 9/15/2022
    My food didn't taste right and I would like a refund for 43.75 please thank you a response is greatly appreciated........
  • azia***** posted at 9/12/2022
    I have been waiting over a hour after ordering online and I still haven’t received my food . Not sure why when typically it arrives within at least 20mins of ordering . 
  • mrp*** posted at 9/4/2022
    Why isn't Mu Shu pork available on your online menu?
  • bj25***** posted at 1/25/2022
    Finally, I have found a Chinese Restaurant that has the BEST FOOD. The Shrimp Egg Rolls are on point. This is the place you need to visit 1050 E Ray Rd, Chandler,AZ
  • di** posted at 8/27/2021
    Did you know that Hot Wok is ons of the recommended restaurants on ?
  • pno**** posted at 4/17/2020
    Do you have a nutrional list you could email me? I am a diabetic and try to keep track of this information. You know the basics like saturated fat, colestorol, protien, etc.
  • dwi*** posted at 1/28/2020
    I represent Silesia Brands, we're a distributor of Imported Beer, Wine, and Spirits. We carry traditional& famous Chinese brands such as Kwiechow Moutai, Red Star Er Guo Tou, Luzhou Laojiao Zisha Daqu Spirit. Could I please have contact information so I may forward you our product catalog?
  • dwi*** posted at 1/28/2020
    Good Afternoon
    I represent Silesia Brands, we're a distributor of Imported Beer, Wine, and Spirits. We carry traditional& famous Chinese brands such as Kwiechow Moutai, Red Star Er Guo Tou, Luzhou Laojiao Zisha Daqu Spirit. Could I please have contact information so I may email or bring by out Product Catalog? 
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    Hello, we just placed a large order for delivery tomorrow at noon. Can you ask the driver to bring the card reader so we can give him/her more tip?
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